Several all-nighters, even more cartridges of ink, no less than three .005 Sharpie brand micron pens, and all of my knuckles (which are  now covered in paper cuts! och!)  had to bite the dust for it to happen, but happen it did!

Adventures of the Swamp Yankee vol. I issue I:  SNOWPOCALYPSE 2011

is now available from Swamp Yankee Press.  As we speak, the U.S. Postal Service is delivering copies to zine distros and reviewers all over the country.  Not gonna lie, we’re (and by we, i’m referring to me and my cat, since nobody else cares probably) pretty stoked, as this is the first release on the Swamp Yankee Press publishing imprint.




If you’d like to order a copy, send me an email at

$3 each, and the first 50 orders get a free gift!!!


Swamp Yankee Press is an up and coming independent publishing house.

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